Promoted Domestic Powerhouse and Pioneer of Many Firsts, Largest Independent Automotive Supplier


Served Dana Corporation from mid-1980s until about 2000 as enthusiastic Public Relations Account Executive. Dana Corporation grew out of Spicer and Perfect Circle companies at the turn of the 20th century, and became a real domestic powerhouse as the largest independent supplier of automotive products in North America. Dana pioneered CV-joints, U-joints, piston rings, cast cylinders, advanced gaskets and many other firsts, as well as a sophisticated and well-oiled supply chain. 

Included product promotion, product and personnel news and releases, plus extensive articles detailing how Dana products contributed to specific situations, and helped develop growing campaigns to expand global reach. Launched the Perfect Circle Machinist of the Year competition and award, covered Dana motorsports contributions, and the Perfect Circle 'Fleet Tuf' chassis parts campaign was especially memorable. 

Provided extensive coverage of Victor gaskets, along with Victor purchasing Reinz gaskets and ensuing campaigns, and many other successful promotional projects. 

Now known as Dana Incorporated, the company is a worldwide supplier of drivetrain, sealing, and thermal-management technologies that focuses on advanced global automotive and heavy duty initiatives -- especially its vehicle electrification prowess -- in 33 countries on six continents.