Editorial Career included Varied Topics, and in-Person Coverage of Senate Hearing.

Developed mountains of articles and issues as founding editor of international “Club News,” editor of “Reproductions Review and Methods,” then Managing Editor of “Motor Age,” the oldest and largest automotive business magazine in the country. Moved into solar energy promotion running good part of the “National Solar Heating and Cooling Information Center” working with the Franklin Institute on contract to HUD, along with editing Chilton’s Energy newsletter.  Then edited "Automotive Service Report."

I then morphed into marketing communications account management and activities, beginning primarily with work on behalf of the Dana Corporation, Standards Motor Products, and then primarily Bosch Corporation before going on my own when the agency I was with gave up the ghost. Over the years I like to think have put out some fine issues on different topics and contributed some good writing and editing – even covering a Senate hearing.

As editor of Club News, wangled permission to cover in person a contentious hearing on a growing military club scandal. With trusty Nikon working overtime at the hearing, captured the essence of the scandal, reported at length on it in two or three issues, and even reported that I had actually served in the infantry in Germany with one the principles potentially incriminated in the hearings. Exciting times, they were, with memorable issues!